The Power of Pressure – How a Power Washer Transforms Your Roof

Pressure is a powerful force that can have both positive and negative effects. Whether it’s the feeling of excitement as you watch your favorite team score the winning goal in a big game or the stress of balancing work and family life, pressure exists to some extent in most areas of our lives.

Power washing is a great way to revive your home’s exterior. It removes dirt, grime and other contaminants that cause surfaces to look worn or gray. It also helps to control weeds, mold, mildew and other plant growth. The best part is that power washing is much faster and easier than scrubbing by hand, and can be done by a power washing professional or as a DIY project.

However, when it comes to cleaning your roof, you must be extremely careful and follow all the safety guidelines to prevent serious damage. A professional power washing can ensure that you get a clean, sparkling roof without damaging your shingles or causing leaks. A professional also knows how to use the proper pressure settings on the washer and will avoid over-stretching or pulling up shingles from the roof.

You can rent a power washer at a hardware store, but you’ll need to have the right tools and know how to use it safely. The most important thing is to protect yourself by wearing safety goggles, gloves and hearing protection. In addition, you’ll want to make sure that the pressure setting isn’t too high — this can damage your house or even injure you!

In the case of your roof, a high-pressure power wash could strip the shingles or even break them off completely. This can lead to leaks that can be costly to repair. Leaks can also damage the interior of your home and allow mold and mildew to spread.

The bottom line is that a dirty, black roof can dramatically reduce your home’s curb appeal. Whether you’re selling your home or just want to give it a fresh new look, Scrubby Corp can turn your dirty, stained roof into a gorgeous part of your home’s aesthetic with our softwash cleaning services.

In addition to improving your home’s curb appeal, our roof cleaning services provide health benefits and will help to extend the life of your shingles. Contact us today for a free estimate and to schedule your appointment.