Maintaining Privacy in an Urban Setting

Whether you have kids, pets, or simply want to enjoy the beauty of your backyard landscape, privacy fences are one of the most important home improvements you can make. Not only do they provide a sense of security, but they keep your family safe from potential intruders and reduce the noise levels from neighbors and passersby. Choosing the right privacy fence for your Milwaukee home can be overwhelming, but you can easily find an option that blends with the style of your home and is in compliance with local ordinances or HOA rules.

Backyard gatherings are a great way to spend warm summer nights and relaxing afternoons with friends and family. However, living in urban settings means homes are often closer together, reducing the amount of privacy you get to enjoy your yard and outdoor spaces. Having a privacy fence in your backyard will help you stay private and avoid disturbing your neighbors with lights, music, or other activities. A privacy fence will also ensure you can have a private pool party without having to worry about nosy neighbors or being seen by passersby.

While you might have more options if your house is located in the middle of a forested area, even an urban setting can have built-in privacy depending on where your property line sits within your neighborhood or block. Privacy fences can be used to maintain that privacy in the garden or around a deck and can also help shield your house from the sun and wind.

The best privacy fences are tall enough to block your view of neighboring properties and have few to no gaps through which people can see into your space. Some fence types like white pickets and chain link fences do not provide adequate privacy and are therefore not considered privacy fencing. If you are looking to build a new fence, be sure to check with your city’s laws and homeowner association rules regarding height restrictions.

Wooden privacy fences are a popular choice because they can be stained to match the color of your home and are durable against the elements. You can also choose a more modern, contemporary style with a metal or iron fence that features open panels and doesn’t block the view of your yard. Luxury vinyl fences are also an option, offering a variety of styles and colors that will complement most any home.

A more natural backyard privacy fence is created by planting trees and shrubs to block your view from neighbors. Planting a mix of evergreens, cypresses, and other shrubs will help create year-round seclusion. This is also a good idea if you have children or pets who might try to escape your yard and are afraid of being seen by passersby.

If you don’t have the budget for a traditional or natural privacy fence, soften hardscape barriers with fast-growing vines. Adorn lattice fences or wooden fencing with a wall of ivy, climbing roses, or another type of flowering vine to give your backyard an organic feel. The key is to keep your hardscape and plantings in scale with the size of your home and landscape so they look cohesive. If you have extra plants, flowers, or even a privacy fence that you aren’t using anymore, consider storing them at one of our many convenient self storage locations across the country.

The right fence can increase the curb appeal of your home and provide a sense of safety and security that you and your family deserve. For all of these reasons, a privacy fence is an excellent investment for any homeowner. Learn more about the advantages of this type of fencing by contacting the best fence contractor Milwaukee, WI today.